Ripe Coffee Cherries
Huanuco Coffee Company of Peru
Tingo Maria, Peru

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We started as Huanuco Coffee Company in 2001 in Peru and in 2010 we moved our world headquarters to North America. We still offer the same great inspected and certified coffees from around the world. We know it takes more than a website to sell really GREAT coffee and we focus our efforts on those elements that will make us successful. Because of our dedication, to providing high quality products, our client base continues to grow each year. We are thankful to the many customers who have not only remained customers through the years but have helped us by spreading the word about our coffees.

We started in Huanuco, Peru: Huanuco, Peru or Huanuco, Peru. Huanuco is pronounced like "Juan ooh co". "Huanuco, the best climate in the world!" Peru is a marvelous land of wonder and contrasts, with a wealth of history... it has dense jungles, barren deserts and high mountains all within a very close proximity. The Andes were home to the advanced Inca civilizations centuries before the arrival of the Spaniards and Europeans. The farmers in this region are very traditional native farmers and for many their only crop is coffee.

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best coffees the world has to offer. So whether you are: 1) interested in a pound or more of our custom micro-roasted coffee, 2) are interested in purchasing a sack of green coffee or 3) are interested in purchasing container loads of green coffee; we ask you to give us the opportunity to serve all of your coffee needs. Always demand origin government inspected and certified coffee. Anyone that is bypassing origin inspections and certifications may not be delivering the quality product(s) that you may be desiring.

We roast and cup (taste test) every origin to ensure that the coffees we select will meet the tough standards of those we serve - our Customers.

The above picture shows ripe coffee cherries. We cup/sample and purchase coffee from around the world. If you don't see what you want listed on our site please let us know and we will chack availability and prices for you. As we have found through years of experience: some years are good and some years are not so good for growers. So though we attempt to stick to cooperatives from where we have done business before we also find that we occaisionally have to change so that we ensure the best cup taste that we seek... That is the coffee business.

Please let us know what your favorite roast profile is and remember that it is important, for us and you, that you not buy more coffee than you can use in about two months, that way your coffee always remains fresh. Order only what you need AND order often! Send a note with your request to: Sales (

We also sell green (unroasted) beans in full sacks and in very limited cases will sell a split sack. Depending upon origin a sack is approximately 153 lbs. Depending upon warehouse supplies we offer shipping from New Jersey on the east coast or from Washington on the west coast. Please contact us to let us know how much green coffee you are interested in purchasing and we'll give you a fair and honest quote. Give us the opportunity: we can handle pretty much all of your coffee needs.

A portion of EVERY sale goes to help a small mountain school outside of Huanuco, Peru. All of us here at Cloudship Coffee Company thank you for your purchase!

Send us a note, place an order and become another of the happy customer's of Cloudship Coffee... "The best coffee the world has to offer!"


Current Selections

  • Columbia
  • Brazil - Yellow Bourbon
  • Costa Rica
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Guatemala
  • Guatemala DeCaf - (Swiss Water Processed)
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Peru

Salud !

Muchas gracias y Dios con bendiga!

August 29, 2001