Information About Cloudship Coffee Company!

Vendor of some of the World's Best Coffee's

We purchase all of our coffees after carefully roasting and cupping samples from each lot. Once purchased we then store our unroasted (green) coffee beans in our North American warehouse. It is our goal to provide you with a good selection of coffee from around the world. We also attempt to purchase the coffee at a price where the farmer's/growers can survive and yet at a price that is affordable to world consumers. We do not bypass government health inspections, grade certifications nor US Customs processing. We urge you to be cautious of anyone offering to bypass government health inspections, grade certifications and/or Customs processing, even if they claim to have shipped their product via Diplomatic channels. They may be violating multiple national and/or international laws and in addition be offering you a substandard product at premium pricing! As the saying goes: buyer be aware! All our coffees have been purchased from one of the world's largest wholesale brokers and carries all required certifications and inspections.

We personally custom roast EVERY order ourselves and ship the morning following the roast to ensure that you, our customers, receive the freshest roast possible.

Company Mission
Our mission is to provide you with a nice selection of some of the finest coffee the world has to offer. If you are used to drinking the stuff (coffee), out of the cans, once you taste the difference of custom micro-roasted coffee you'll never want anything else. If you have ever traveled to Europe or South America you know what I am talking about. You will experience mildly acidic coffee, light to medium in body BUT flavorful and aromatic. Taste the Difference, Salud !

Company Background
The company was founded by Judd and Erika in August 2001. We had tried and tried to purchase roasted coffees, in North America, that we had found in Europe and South America. After many attempts we just could not convince the major vendors to let us purchase, nor to sell, the coffee that they produce and sell in other countries. We were told over and over that there is not a market for that coffee here, in North America. Then we asked our family, in Peru, if they had contacts that would like to sell coffee directly to North America, Europe and Japan. The family was estatic as one cousin had just completed his Masters thesis on the manufacturing of coffee with emphasis on selling in Japan and North America. The rest is history. We have taken our time in setting up the business in order to provide a high quality products and micro-roasted coffee to our customers in the United States. We have always remained committed to setting aside 10% of all profits to help a poor school located in the mountains outside of Huanuco, Peru. And though we have since moved our headquarters to North America we have not lost of commitment to providing good quality coffee from around the world. Salud !

Send us a note, place an order and become a happy customer of Cloudship Coffee Company... "Fresh Roasted - taste the difference!"

August 29, 2001